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Houston Foundation Repair
Using water and moisture sensors...
It's the newest technology:

We are a professional company providing a long term solution for your foundation problems utilizing water and moisture sensors to maintain stabilized moisture content of the soil around your home.

Less expensive and more effective than piers & pilings:
Find out why "It just makes sense!"
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  1. No work inside your home!
  2. Free, no-obligation survey and estimate.
  3. Finished in days, not weeks
  4. Cost Effective - cheaper than piers & pilings


"It Just Makes Sense!"

  • 95% of foundation problems have been corrected with Aqualift’s foundation watering system.
  • Aqualift’s patented moisture stabilization process, in most instances, has resulted in no need for further leveling of the structure.
  • Interior settlement corrected without cutting holes in your floors. No large piles of dirt from tunneling are needed.
  • Average installation takes 2 days with minimal disruption to your home and landscaping.
  • Average watering system uses less than 80 gallons of water per month.
  • 20 years of successful foundation repair solutions using the same contractors.
  • Aqualift is recommended by the engineering community and home inspectors.
  • Thousands of satisfied residential and commercial customers have recommended.
  • Fully insured
  • Free estimates and expert advice.

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